Sunday, June 8, 2008

Independent Service Hours

Throughout my Independence service experience I learned one thing, which was that I actually enjoy taking care of kids. Before I volunteered to babysit I thought it was going to be a nightmare, but in the end it wasn't. Babysitting now will help me int he future when I plan on having kids of my own. During the time, that I was babysitting I didn't face as much difficulties as I thought I would. The only difficulty I faced is trying to make one of the kids go to sleep. He just wouldn't close his eyes. I wouldn't be able to babysit in class, because hello! it's a class. The children would probably disrupt the class. Service Learning will change my future behaviors by educating me more on certain subjects. My attitude will become more comprehending and sophisticated. I am glad that I chose this duty for my Independent service hours.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Service Learning Meeting 5

Last week in service learning, we looked up books and publishers on the internet. We were given a sheet to fill out. This sheet was to figure out what kind of books we were interested in having at the library. Some of us got finished and others weren't. At the end we accomplished on looking up several books.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Service Learning Meeting 4

I found this service learning meeting very boring. I didn't really deal with these emotions, because I was stuck in the boredom.We continued what we stopped at from the meeting before. Through service learning I have learned that being a school librarian isn't as easy as it seems. Through this experience I didn't really start out with any stereotypes. Through service learning I learned that I can get bored very easily and I need something to keep me upbeat so I won't be lazy and not want to do any work.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bloom's Taxonomy.

1. Could this have happened in today's world?
yes. there are many people that go through different obstacles in order to achieve something like botyh George and Lennie did.

2.What was the problem with Curley and Lennie?
Curley felt as though he could pick on Lennie just, because he was "Retarded", but what Curley didn't know is that Lennie is very strong and wasn' that dumb.

3.How is Lennie similar to Bigger off of "Native Son"?
Society sees them both as a threat. One is picked on, because of their retardness while the other is picked on, because of their race. Both are seen as dangerous people.

4.Which events could have happened if Lennie never killed Curley's wife?
Probably George and Lennie would have accomplished their American dream and would be living with bot Candy and Crooks.

5.Do you know another instance where a male is killed for killing a female?
yes, in the book "Native Son" Bigger is killed for killing Mary Dalton.

6. What was the turning point in "Of Mice and Men"?
I would say when candy's dog got shot, because that revealed that something else bad was going to happen.

7. What do you see as other possible outcomes for "Of Mice and Men"
George could have let Lennie live and they both could have run off to another ranch to work at like they did before.

8. What are some of the problems of being black at this ranch?
Like Crooks, you would get excluded from every possible activity or outgoing from the other guys. You wouldn't be acknowledged as one of them.

9.What was the underlying theme of this book?
I would say brotherhood, because the men in this book come together and form some sort of male friendship, like George and Lennie have.

10. What questions would you ask of Curley?

why are you the way you are? and What made you want to fight Lennie when he did nothing to you?

The American Dream =]

In the novel "Of Mice and Men" there was one particular theme that was obviously shown-The American Dream. The American dream can be considered a different dream by different people. The American Dream could be the Dream to achieve your goals through hard work. In "Of Mice and Men" both George and Lennie desire that American Dream. They hoped to have their own land with a farm and rabbits to tend. Throughout this novel not only did George and Lennie wished of the American Dream, but also did other characters.

George and Lennie's dream relates to the dream that both Candy and Crooks want. They both always wanted it, but they never achieved it. This dream consisted of something precious, which is family. In the novel, there was a part where George, Lennie, Candy, and Crooks all agreed on making this dream come true, which showed the significance of family. Unfortuneatly it was never fulfilled, because Lennie got into trouble and got killed.

Not only did they have their American Dream, but so did Curley's wife. Her American dream consisted of fame and fortune. She wanted to become an actress and move to Hollywood, but this obviously never succeeded either. Instead she got stuck marrying Curley, who never let her do anything. She is not able to complete her dream, because Curley is to protective of her.

Curley's father also had this sort of American dream of his own. All he wanted was fortune and success. He would always be at the ranch making sure that his workers were working. That way he knew that his money would never stop flowing. Although this is not much of an American Dream, it is still like a goal that he plans on accomplishing.

At the end, no one actually achieves their American dream. George and Lennie fought hard for their American Dream and almost came close to it too, but unfortuneatly problems had to start developing. Not only did their dream not succeed, but also Curley's wife didn't either. In "Of Mice and Men" Steinbeck shows the many obstacles that can hit us when we try to complete a goal.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

NON-Corrupting power of women.

In this perplex world women are always accused of being the cause of trouble. The novel Of Mice and Men is a perfect example of what many men view women as. John Steinbeck depicts women as objects that were put on this earth to lead men towards self destruction. That is absolutely wrong! Men do what they do, because they choose to do it. It's not like women tell them to do it. I believe that this book finds ways to attack women, one woman in particular, Curley's wife.

John Steinbeck introduces us to the character of Curly's wife. Right off the bat she is given the impression of a whore to the readers. To the rest of the characters she is considered a "Tramp", because of her seductiveness. The men on the ranch don't like her, because they feel that she will get them in trouble. After George first met her he automatically called her a "Tramp". It's as if they are blaming her for her attractiveness. It's not her fault that she's pretty. I feel as though the men in the ranch hate the fact that Curley's wife has that type of control over them and they have a problem admitting it so they throw the guilt on her, by saying she's a whore.

Curley's wife is given the reputation of a flirt. In the book she is shown flirting around with the men at the ranch. It's not that she's a whore, she just needs someone to give her that attention, because obviously Curley doesn't give it to her. Even though she is "flirty" she is actually lonely. That's why she is shown always flirting with Slim, because he is the only one that really ackknowledges her presence. All she simply does is try to make onversation.

Throughout this whole story, Curley's wife is actually lonely. She goes out into the ranch to erase that loneliness, but all that it did for her is give her the rep of a "slut". Her loneliness leads her to her death, as she tries to overcome it by teasing Lennie. All Curley's wife wanted was to be approved by the men in the ranch. All she wanted was to be loved and cared for, so she would go out into the ranch searching for a companion to talk to.

Basically, there is NO corrupting power of women. They are misunderstood by the men in this world. Men consider them as a threat to their so called "maleness". Men are just trying to cover up that they are actually scared of being dominated by women beauty. Women are not objects, like they consider in this novel. Women are not the cause of trouble, neither are men.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Service Learning Meeting 3

This week in service learning we cleaned out some stuff in the library. We were put to organize the magazines on the shelf and throw out all the old ones that we don't read. While this was being done others were in the back room dusting off books that were donated to us. At the end of the day people wrote letters to different authors so we will be able to have books that we actually like reading. For next week plan on continuing this process and see what pops up.